Mike Hay 1

About me:

  • I'm married to Ros, who has retired as a 'cello instructor, and we have 'children' Jeni and Phil, not to mention Errol the Scottie dog! (RIP 17 May 2007).
  • Jeni is married to Dave, living in Perth WA, and Phil is married to Fiona, living just a quarter of a mile down the road in York!; we now have four delightful grandchildren: -
  • Phil, Fiona, Isal and NiamhPerth Seatons

  • We are part of the Hay Clan, one of the oldest but lesser known of the Scottish Clans.
  • My degree was in Mathematics (many years ago) at Edinburgh University.
  • Until 1999, I was Headteacher of Tynecastle High School in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, and retired in July 2004 as Neighbourhood Liaison Officer with the City of Edinburgh Council, where I was responsible for around 35 schools in the South-East of the City and ICT for all City of Edinburgh schools.
  • I now work part-time for the Open University as an Associate Lecturer, teaching MST124, offering Mac and iOS support to colleagues, and writing unofficial software for marking assignments on Mac and iPads.
  • In 2011 we moved to York to be nearer to Phil, Fiona and granddaughters Isla and Niamh, but for over 30 years we lived in Penicuik, which is a town of about 25,000 people, 10 miles to the south of Edinburgh, in the county of Midlothian. We also visit Perth WA fairly regularly to see the other half of the family!

    My main interests are:
  • Trying to be a Christian!
  • Music (while we were in Penicuik, I was organist at St James the Less Episcopal Church in Penicuik, and also choirmaster for almost 30 years)
  • Education
  • Computing: my first attempts at programming were in 1966, using Atlas Autocode as the language!
  • Rotary - until we moved to York, I was secretary of the Edinburgh Breakfast Rotary Club (sadly, the Club closed in Summer 2017) and I'm now Hon Secretary of the Rotary Club of York.
  • Bridge (which I play very badly)
  • Surfing the Net!

I'll be delighted to hear from anyone who shares any of these interests.
My e-mail address is
mike@hayfamily.co.uk my FaceTime screen name is penicuik@mac.com , and my Skype name is penicuik .

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