Errol's Page

Sadly we lost Errol at the age of 12 on 17 May 2007, but his page remains in his memory!

Hi everyone - woof!!

This is Errol's Web Page. I'm a Scottie Dog (a Scots Terrier), and my full name is Errol Grant Cuikenburn Hay - a very distinguished name and it's all written out in my pedigree. I don't know what a pedigree is, but it must be good, because I was quite expensive. I used to like Bonios, but now I've got a bit bored with them, and I'm very keen on Markies. I like going for walks - there are so many super doggy smells round about Penicuik. I don't think I'm a very clever dog, but I'm really good at barking at strangers.

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