IMPORTANT: The OLD Mac MONITOR handler is not compatible with the latest MacOS10.13 (the marking one is fine). So if you are using the old Mac Monitor Handler and you wish to continue doing so, please download the completely new version below. Even if you haven't upgraded your Mac to OS 10.13, I strongly advise you to use the new MONITORING version, as the old one is no longer supported. The new version has a structure and operation very similar to the Marking handler, so it should be straightforward to use.

I am delighted to now have two other colleagues officially assisting me to give support for the Mac Filehandler and other Mac issues. Although I'm always happy to receive feedback about the software itself to my personal email address, please now email requests for assistance to , from where I, Dave or Rob will get back to you asap. Since many queries are best sorted out over the phone, please feel free to include a phone number in your email if you wish.

If your Mac operating system is 10.8 or higher (ie most systems), you should use this version of the Marking Filehandler (3.6.13 - updated 17/12/2017) which doesn't need a separate Java installation.

History:Versions 3.6.7 up to 3.6.13 corrected a few bugs.
Version 3.6.5 amended to 9 MB the lower limit for the size alert of a submitted assignment (was 1.8 MB).
Version 3.6.2 reset the training site link to the revised address.
Version 3.6.1 fixed a few bugs, and importantly restored the ability to open scripts with a different word processor from the system default.
Please read the Disclaimer!
[***If you're running MacOS 10.7 or earlier, please email me and I'll try to supply an appropriate version***]

[Important Note: when launching the app you will probably get a message saying that the app is from "an unidentified developer": if so, hold down the ctrl key and click once on the app. A menu should appear: choose "Open" (the top option). You'll get what looks like the same dialog, but now there will be an "Open" button. Click it and the app will launch. You only need to do this once!]

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  • There is also a new Mac application for eTMA-monitoring which a number of monitors are using and now appears to be robust. It replaces the old version which was broken by the Mac OS 10.13 update. Download it here. Current version 1.2.21 (updated 23/12/2017).

Windows and Linux:sit3-bwo-tran.1

  • There are also versions of the Marking Handler which will run on Linux and Windows; if you want to try a Windows build, there's one here. (see below)****As usual, use it at your own risk!   Linux users might like to try this build. (The enclosed Linux launcher file assumes that the etmaHandler folder is on your Desktop - if installed elsewhere it will need to be edited appropriately).

**** Note that for this version will not run on Java 9. If you're using Java 9 and would like to try a Beta version which should work, please email me.****


  • Versions for iPad for marking and monitoring are available. Click here for more information.

Documentation is included in the downloads. I will try to offer some support where possible, but I do not accept any obligation (legal or moral!) to do so! PLEASE read the instructions carefully! There is no charge for the package, but if you find it useful, an appropriate donation to a charity such as World Vision would be appreciated. I'd also be glad to hear whether it's worked well for you - please do email me.

The applications have been tested, and are being used successfully, by current ALs. Some comments:

  • "Having once again used this elegant program for my latest batch of assignments, I can only restate what a difference it has made"
  • "I've just finished marking my batch of eTMAs using your filehandler. So, I just thought I'd drop you a note to say.........FANTASTIC !"
  • "Thanks a million again for creating this wonderful application. I am now using it and everything has been working fine."
  • "Mike's Mac system is must-try material - it's user-friendly, seamless, and the support he provides is second-to-none. Simply brilliant."
  • "Just to let you know that all is working swimmingly and in particular the autoimport bit, which is making life a lot easier - thanks!"
  • "You have made a complete stranger very happy! I recently purchased an iMac and thought I was doomed to use the Windows partitioning approach for eTMAs until I came across your outstanding programme and guide. Now I have eTMAs as a thing of beauty on my screen…".
  • The new eTMA monitor handler seems to be working brilliantly! I'm extremely grateful for your update!.
  • I'm a new AL for the J presentations, and have been fretting about the eTMA system, and have been borrowing a friend's PC to do the marking which is a pain, as I use Mac. *Thank you so much for this!* I can't wait to give it a go, and do marking from my own Mac in my own home!!

Good luck and "happy" marking!
Mike Hay (AL 00516109)

If you'd like to be informed by email of updates or issues, please click here.
(I'll add you to the emailing list; if you don't wish to remain on the list, or you wish to be removed at any time, just let me know.)

Please note that these applications have been developed for my own convenience! I am very happy to share them with other ALs who may find them useful, but I accept NO LIABILITY whatsoever for any loss or damage of ANY kind that the programs may cause. Please read the disclaimers in the documentation!

I have put copies of reasonably up to date source code here (Marking) and here (Monitoring). Professional programmers please don't laugh too much; I know it could do with a lot of refactoring, and more use of accessors, etc! Maybe someday.... (not to mention comment statements!)

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