EtmaHandler for iPad

Frequently asked questions

Q:  Which iOS versions will the app run on?
A:  It seems to be fine on iOS8.0 or higher

Q:  What apps should I use to comment on the actual scripts?
A:  If the script is in Word format (.doc or .docx), or DocsToGo are both possibilities, but there are a number of others. If it's a PDF file, then PDF Expert or Goodreader will work well, among others.

Q: I can download TMAs directly using the Handler. Can I upload the marked TMAs  from the same page?
A: Yes, but the last iOS update (iOS11) seems to have broken this facility in the monitoring one. However, Safari will now do uploads, so you can save the zipped file to Files, then upload it in the usual way. In Settings on the monitorhandler, set "Use external app to upload" to "On" before you zip.

Q: I've transferred the scripts from my word processor, then I realised I needed to change a comment. Can I do that?
A: Yes, simply edit it in the word processor, then "Open in..." the Handler, then transfer from the Scripts folder. The amended script will replace the previous one, but the PT3 marks and comments wont be affected. You can (and should!)  preview the -MARKED script to make sure it's corrected.

Q: Can I print the instructions?
A: Yes, you can download them here! If you haven't downloaded the app yet,  there are some screenshots which will give you an idea of how it looks.

Q:  How do I insert a handout?
A:  Once your handout is produced, use "Open in..." in the application you've produced or opened it in, and choose "etmaHandlerP" from the list of applications offered. The handout will move briefly to your "Temp" folder, then should automatically transfer to the "Handouts" folder. Select the handout in that folder, then the appropriate TMA below and insert the handout. You can't move the handout directly from Temp to the TMA.

Q:  Will I lose data if I update the app?
A:  You shouldn't do, but it's probably safer to backup your files using the button on the ETMAs tab, just to be safe!